Stability of Structures (CEE 4444, CEE 5444G, AOE 4054)

Classical and modern techniques for evaluating the elastic stability of columns, beams, and plates. 2nd order analysis, influence of geometric imperfections, frame stability, and behavior of thin-walled structural components.

Class Syllabus

Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structures (CEE 5434)

Analysis and design of cold-formed steel structural members and systems. Elastic buckling, ultimate strength of CFS columns, joists, girts, purlins. Design and construction of metal building wall and roof systems.

Class Syllabus

Computer Analysis of Structures I (CEE 4404)

Introduction to matrix structural analysis techniques. Students employ the direct stiffness method to analyze truss, beam and frame structures and gain experience with commercial structural analysis programs.

Class Syllabus

Class Projects, Fall 2009

Introduction to Civil Engineering (CEE 2804)

History of civil engineering profession. Sustainability concepts, designing with lifecycle assessment (LCA). Professional responsibilities, ethics. Introduction to career paths - geotechnical, environmental, structural, transportation, land development.

Class Syllabus

Final Paper, Fall 2009

Theory of Structures (CEE 3404)

Classical and modern methods of structural analysis. Columns, beams, trusses, frames. Shear and moment diagrams, deflections, design loads. Statically determinate, indeterminate structures.

Design of Steel Structures I (CEE 3434)

Behavior and design of structural steel members and steel-frame buildings, including simple and fixed connections. Emphasis on the AISC specification. Design members to resist tension, compression, bending, torsion. Behavior and design of plate girders and composite beams.